1. Getting you the best quote
After appraising the job, DCI will recommend the most appropriate form of printing. Guidance will be given on paper stock, repro requirements and printing techniques. After you’ve discussed and approved the recommendation, DCI will choose three competitive quotes from DCI’s portfolio of suppliers. the most appropriate quote will be presented to you. The lowest price does not always deliver the most effective solution.
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2. Checking your order
Your order to DCI, should specify quantity, stock, delivery date, delivery address, and price. All these will be checked against the quote. If there’s any disparity (for example, because the brief has changed) a new quote will be given.
3. Receipt of artwork
DCI will check the files you supply, Mac or PC, the programmes used and any hard copy supplied.
4. Repro and proofing
Repro is the name given to the preparation stage before making printing plates. From your digital artwork a computer PDF file or paper proof will be produced, to identified and eliminate any potential printing problems. Issues for consideration include scanning of pictures, screen ruling, dot gain, trapping, text fonts and imposition of pages.

A paper proof or PDF proof which closely simulates the final printed result will be produced for your approval. DCI will select the proofing method you have requested - laser, ink jet, machine ‘wet’ proofing or a simple PDF – and check each proof for accuracy of colour , text fonts , picture positions, and trimmed size of pages. DCI will advise you if special colours would be an advantage. If required, a laser proof dummy will be used for checking the imposition of pages for collating and folding.

After DCI has signed off the proofs, they will be presented to you for your approval.
5.Production of printing plates
All DCI's print suppliers use CTP (Computer To Plate technology), which transfers the artwork files to the printing plate. This eliminates any discrepancy between the approved proof and the printed result. Other advantages of CTP include cleaner plates and sharper registration on the printing press.
6. Paper Choice
DCI will advise on the best paper or board stocks to suit your project and budget and will check with the printer this has been supplied.
7. Printing
Question: What DCI checks at the printing stage
Answer:  DCI will personally supervised press passing if required. Before delivery the following points will be checked.
  • Colour is as approved proof or specified pantone specification.
  • Registration and trapping of colours is correct.
  • Grain of paper is correct for subsequent finishing.
  • Pages and solid print areas are clean of marks.
  • Continuity of colour is maintained throughout the print run.
  • Colour is even across the printed sheet.
  • Sealer or coating is of high quality.
  • Impression from printing press is sharp.
  • Back-up registration and imposition is correct.
  • Quantity of print run is correct.
  • Drying ability of ink and rub/handling properties are appropriate.
8. Finishing
This involves some or all of the following.
Lamination DCI will check for: correct specification, gloss, silk , matt or soft touch; imperfections or bubbles; and adherence to printed stock.

Forme Cutting, Creasing & Glueing. This will be scrutinised for correct sizing, visibility and strength of glueing, and positioning of creasing.

Foil Blocking. DCI will ensure the correct colour of foil is used and check for sharpness of reproduction and positioning.

UV Varnish. DCI will ensure that registration is to area required, quality and thickness of varnish is appropriate, and varnish is cured properly for drying.

Folding. This will be checked for correct specifications, as well as alignment and imposition of pages.

Trimming. DCI will ensure that trimming is clean, correct size and square to printed page.
9. Fulfilment & Mailing
DCI carries out the following checks:
  • All components are delivered to agreed schedule.
  • Component quantity is enough to complete the delivery.
  • Outer box/envelope is suitable for goods to be delivered undamaged.
  • Database supplied is cleansed to ensure trouble-free delivery.
  • Spot checks are made on final packages to make sure quality levels are not compromised.
10. Packing & Delivery
DCI ensures that:
  • The printed items are packed in secure boxes.
  • The delivery address is correct
  • Boxes are identified for content and delivered on the specified date.
  • The quantity is correct.
  • You will be notified of the approximate time to expect delivery.
  • A delivery note will signed and a copy POD (proof of delivery) supplied to you on request

These are our core services offered to all clients.