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What is Reprographics
Question: What is Contrast?
Answer:  Contrast is the difference between light and dark shades. A high-contrast image has great shade difference between dark and light part.
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What about printing Plates
Question: What is Etching?
Answer:  Etching is used to produce formes for gravure printing. Etching is done with the aid of chemical treatment.
Question: What is Exposure?
Answer:  Exposure is to impose light onto a photosensitive surface of a film or printing plate in order to transfer a motif.
Question: What is CTP?
Answer:  CTP stands for Computer To Plate which means your digital artwork after processing is imaged directly to a printing plate missing out the expensive film processing.
The Printing Process
Question: What is CMYK?
Answer:  CMYK is Cyan Magenta Yellow Key colour (black). The four colours in the subtractive colour system used for example in 4-colour printing. Also called process colours.
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What about paper
Question: What is Absolute Moisture?
Answer:  Absolute moisture defines what proportion of a papers mass is water. Given as a percentage.
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What about Ink
Question: What is Full-Tone Surface?
Answer:  Full-tone surface is a surface 100% covered with ink.
Question: What is Indexed Colour?
Answer:  Indexed colour is a ready-mixed printing ink. The inks come in different shades and can for example be printed from their own plate in the offset process. Indexed colours are often used to supplement black, or when the aim is to create a precise shade not available in CMYK. A common indexed colour system is PMS.
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Question: What is Embossing?
Answer:  Embossing is pressing a pattern into a paper using a raised or etched relief, using stereo or embossing plates similar to Letter-Press plates. As a rule the thicker and softer the paper the better the result. Wood-free paper is recommended with higher strength. Sculpted embossing can be used to create several different levels.
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